Fans react after ex-chelsea footballer, Didier Drogba was spotted using an ‘Iphone 6’

Social media is currently buzzing after it was discovered that retired footballer, Didier Drogba, uses an iphone 6.

Some online users are now of the opinion that no one should feel pressured to own the latest gadget because ”If Drogba, a multi-millionaire’ can still be using an Iphone 6, then no one should feel pressured.

Some reactions below ;

Aremex wrote ;
See, you will just kill yourself in this life if you don’t work on your mentality. If a whole Drogba can be using iPhone 6 despite being a multi millionaire, you that u are redeeming 50$ iTunes card will still be using iPhone 11 pro. Mentality is a gift o

Aoejnr wrote ;
If Drogba, a successful individual, is using iPhone 6 do you need bleed or kill yourself for iPhone 11.

Thereal turner wrote ;
A Multimillionaire like Drogba is using an iPhone 6, and you that is not even eating well wants to buy iPhone 11. Can’t you see that you brain has gone into coma. Better set you piorities right.

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