Everton’s owner speaks on sacking Frank Lampard over team’s poor performance

Everton’s owner Farhad Moshiri has reacted to calls for the club’s coach and English football legend, Frank Lampard to be sacked over the team’s poor performance this season.

Everton's owner speaks on sacking Frank Lampard over team's poor performance

Everton who lost 2-0 to West Ham yesterday, January 21, are now sitting in the 19th spot on the Premier League table after grabbing only 15 points from 20 games.

When asked if Lampard will get the axe after the match in an interview with Sky Sports, Moshiri did not give a conclusive answer.

He said;

“I can’t comment. It’s not my decision.”

Everton's owner speaks on sacking Frank Lampard over team's poor performance

Lampard, on the other hand, had told BBC that he is not worried about losing his job. He said during an interview;

“I don’t get that far down the line to fear. I absolutely don’t fear [being sacked], I’m proud to do the job. I just do my job. I get up every day and think how we can get a bit better – it’s as simple as that.

“We had a big fight and stayed in the league [last season]. We lost Richarlison and now have tried to build around that, so it is normal we are fighting again when other clubs are trying to move on. History moves on and nothing gives you the right to be in their league. If you don’t move you will hit tough times. We are in tough times and everyone has to try to move forward. It is impossible for me to jump into the future. Last season we were five points shy of safety with five or six games to go, but as a club we have to move together. I cannot complain about the spirit of the players and how they approached the game. They may have passed it slow but we didn’t find it in the final third.”

Lampard took over from Rafael Benitez last year and kept them afloat in the Premier League after the Toffees were struggling in the first half of the season. But since this season, the team has put up a poor performance and are now in the relegation zone.