EPL: Manchester United players ‘growing tired of Erik ten Hag criticism’

Some Manchester United players have reportedly grown weary of the criticism they get from the club’s coach, Erik ten Hag.

This is coming after the Dutch coach accused his players of giving out goals easily during the match against Bayern Munich.

Manchester United players 'growing tired of Erik ten Hag criticism'
Erik ten Hag giving out instructions during a match. Source: Getty

Ten Hag had told reporters;

“You have to look in the mirror because the goals were easy giveaways. We were in the first 25 minutes better in the game than Munich and then that goal, it was so easy and it was not only Andre [Onana].

“If you see how easy [Leroy] Sane is going through and that has to do with determination, you don’t let players through so easy. That is the point – we have to cross the line as an individual and as a team to win games because it started there.

“That’s what I mean, you have to suffer, sacrifice in situations, to give everything and to stop that and only when we get that in are we going to win games.

“The way Sane came through can’t be. And the second goal; it’s almost similar over the other side. How easy players come through our box and to finish, it can’t be.”

Manchester United players 'growing tired of Erik ten Hag criticism'
Manchester United players dejected after a match. Source: Getty

Manchester United News has now reported that some Manchester United players are tired of his criticism, and believe that Erik ten Hag has favourites and will routinely protect them while others are placed in the firing line.

There are also allegedly players who are concerned by the tactical changes that are being made, with the team finding it difficult to pick up positive results early this season.

The Red Devils have lost four of their six competitive matches during the 2023-24 campaign, including their last three in all competitions.

Manchester United were beaten by Arsenal and Brighton & Hove Albion in their last two league encounters, while they suffered a 4-3 loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last week.

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