Employer gives out N100K to staff to help them with high cost of living, they react emotionally in video

A touching video which has gone viral shows a compassionate employer surprising his staff with a generous gift of N100,000 each to help them deal with the rising cost of living brought on by inflation

The heartwarming moment was captured on camera when the boss smiled and gave a white envelope to a devoted employee who was working hard on a task at the establishment.

Employer staff N100K
Employer hands out cash gifts to his workers.

When the worker received it, he was quite uncertain as to what was inside until he opened it and discovered, to his astonishment, that it contained money which amounted to 100K.

The guy smiled happily and hugged his boss in appreciation for the wonderful gift.

Watch video below …


A little love here and a little kindness there and the world be be a better place. #viral #trending

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