Eco Online Global Services is becoming a  household name in the industry of international procurement, international shipment and deliveries, crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Gift Cards) to Naira exchange trading, RMB to China Service etc. The company is known for their professionalism in all the services they offer.

 They offer Procurement and Shipment services, bridging the gap between a small scale Nigerian importer and the foreign seller/supplier.

Payment for goods purchased abroad, and shipping of all types of goods from abroad (China, USA, Italy, UK etc) to Nigeria unbehalf of the average Nigerian seller (importer).

 “We are gradually growing and evolving. We are currently exploring the marketing aspect of e-commerce. We will one day be listed amongst one of the top e-commerce websites in the country. We are gradually building everything it takes to become such.”  says the managing director Mr Uche Shadrach.

RMB to China payments services. Payment for goods in other countries like UK, Italy, USA, and more. Customers do not need to worry about paying for their goods in China. We will pay directly to your Chinese suppliers from here in Nigeria, while you pay us Naira.

They offer the best yet in real time Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and gift cards to Naira exchange trading, offering the best rates, best customer care and trade assurance, admin live 24/7 chat/trade availability,  quality feedback and customer satisfaction since 2018.

It is with great pleasure that they are announcing the launch of their new trading app called “eco trader” App, rewarding their loyal and faithful customers with a more secured platform for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and Gift Cards in exchange for Naira fast and easy.ECO ONLINE GLOBAL SERVICES LAUNCHES TRADING APP “ECO TRADER”

The App is available on iOS and Android in their respective app stores. Easy to use, just like plug and play. Download the app and in 3 clicks, start trading with live admin, best rates and fast 

Response. No hassle.

There’s also information that they have a new platform “Ecotfx” which is still yet to be released. Ecotfx will be equipped with automated Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and Gift Cards trading process, automated cash out, bill payments and more.

To sell any of the above crypto assets, gift cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, install Eco Trader App Here 

or from the link below

iOS Download Link

Android Download Link  or search Eco Trader from Google play or iOS app store.

Or call/WhatsApp  +2347046902256.

For procurement shipment and delivery services, RMB to China and others, visit their website Or call/WhatsApp +2348025247702

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