Drama as lady deletes, blocks man for not paying her Tfare after collecting her number in keke

Nigerian lady recounts a drama involving her and a man who collected her phone number after they boarded the same Keke Napep (tricycle).

The lady took to the comment section to share her experience in response to a tweet where a lady described how a man requested her number even though he watched her pay for her food.

lady keke tfare man number

According to the lady known as @Onu516981924063, she boarded a keke with a guy and during the short journey, the guy requested her number which she gave to him.

She revealed that the guy didn’t pay for her transport fare when she got to her destination.

This hadn’t sat right with her and when the guy later called, she blocked and deleted his phone number.

She wrote …

“I Don enter keke with a guy, he started asking for my number immediately,i gave it to him,when e reach for me to come down, this same guy was watching me paid my money,he didn’t pay me shi shi,I got home and deleted he’s number from my phone, he called and i blocked him”

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@rubybigpr remarked: “See entitlement ontop keke napep fee.
God forbid Una.”

@GlitzMichelle01 penned: “Why not blame ur poor parents πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

@FEMIBELLO34 said: “Gold digger”

@Da_Iye1 said: “It’s surprising the way some ladies now appropriate the content someone else’s wallet as part of their own budget.

What if the guy only tested u, and in actual fact was the right guy you’ve been praying for?”

@BolexPraise said: “Have you ever paid someone’s T-far?”

@TheManAyomide wrote: “Lmao! Both of you inside keke says a lot and it’s the audacity for you to expect him to pay for you”

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