Lady rants after man watched her pay for her food only to ask for her number afterwards

Lady blows hot as she relates an incident involving a man who watched her pay for her food only to ask for her phone number afterward.

The distraught lady known as @shirlen_ray took to Twitter to reveal that she recently visited an eatery where she bought some food items.

Lady man pay food number
Lady @shirlen_ray

However, one guy had watched her use her own money to pay for her food and followed her outside to ask for her number.

She said that the guy followed her outside only to ask for her number, despite the fact that he had initially watched her pay her own bills.

Expressing her exasperation, she wondered who raised the young men these days.

“I went to an eatery to get food and this guy stood there while I paid for everything only for him to follow me outside and asked for my number. Who raised these guys?🤦🏽‍♀️
You couldn’t pay for my food but you had the effrontery to ask for my number??,” she wrote.

One netizen, @wandypee asked: “Because he needs your number, he must pay for your food.”

@shirlen_ray reacted: “If you want number you should pay for whatever I’m buying”

One @zino_escobar2 queried: “If he had paid for your food, would you have given him your number?”

@shirlen_ray replied: “That’s when I’ll now give him attention, if he’s fine, yes I’ll give him number”

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