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Don’t Post My Daughter On Social Media, You’ve Not Given Her Kobo Since Birth – Sandra lheuwa Drags Ubi Franklin

Nigerian businesswoman, Sandra lheuwa has called out Ubi Franklin for sharing a picture of their daughter on social media despite not taking responsibilities as a father. sandra iheuwa

Ubi Franklin, a popular Nigerian music entrepreneur had shared a couple of pictures of their little girl on his Instastory.

Reacting to the post, Sandra accused the music entrepreneur of not providing for their child right from when she was born.

According to her, Ubi Franklin has no legal privileges or claim on the little girl because she doesn’t bare his name.ubi franklin sandra iheuwa

She wrote: “Warning!!! Do not post my daughter on anywhere on your platform. You have never provided for her since she was born and up Till this moment not a single kobo even when you had access to her you still didn’t bring a single kobo. You have no legal privileges or claim on my daughter. She doesn’t bare your name and your name isn’t found on her birth certificate. I will take it there legally because deadbeats needs to be taught a lesson.

“I will not allow anyone take the glory after I have finished raising my daughter especially with no help from the sperm donor. If I take it there and file for child support in the U.S court from the day she was born you will pay through your nose and if you can’t pay you will possibly face jail time if you ever enter the U.S. Don’t try me I will take it there legally and that your U.S visa will be revoked.

“You have insulted my husband and my marriage enough don’t allow this warning go beyond this because you won’t like it. And nobody should call me bitter or ask me to concentrate on my marriage. If e easy to raise pikin without help Abeg try am.”

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