Davido’s lookalike, Twinobo threatens Portable for disrespecting artist

A content creator who prides himself on being musician Davido’s lookalike, Twinobo has commanded Portable to apologize to the artist.

This comes after Portable mercilessly attacked Davido online, saying that Davido advised him to sign with the Empire label during their hangout in America, even though Davido is affiliated with Sony Music.

Portable, who was dissatisfied with the advice, fumed, seeing it as a deliberate plot to keep him from winning the Grammy. He questioned why Davido would give him such advice.

In a recent development, Twinobo took to Instagram to express his dissatisfaction with Portable’s jab against Davido, claiming that he should apologize immediately or risk being unfollowed.

Davido's lookalike, Twinobo threatens Portable for disrespecting artist
Davido, Artist

Twinobo said that if he eventually unfollows Portable, it will have a significant impact on the singer.

He went on to attack Portable in Igbo, claiming that his attitude made it impossible for him to engage with Wizkid.

Watch the video below.