Club goers turn nightclub to church service (Video)

A video of some club-goers has caused a stir on social media as they turn the nightclub into a church service. 


A video that has gone viral on social media saw a group of people in the nightclub worshiping God with a gospel song while some were shocked that nightclub was turned into a church service.

The lady who recorded and shared the video expressed shock as everyone in the club started singing “Jehova you are the Most High God”. The video has attracted mixed reactions from social media users.

@fairplus commented; “If I dey there ehhh , nah that time my twerking go increase 😂😂”.

@Olufemi also said, “It might sound like joke but God just arrested their hearts”.

@Phatyatt also said: “This is why I love Islam 😂you can’t play Muslim song in club 😂”.

@Iamoracle  also asserted, “Contrary to most people’s opinion. I don’t find this 💯 right. although I must say its fun to watch. Yeah it’s a gospel song but hmmm and before you bash me, remove the gospel song and put an Islamic chant or song and the club, the owners and most people there will have their head on fire”.

@reallexis also said, “Make anointing just carry somebody break like 6 cartons of Hennessy 😂”.

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