CCTV exposes man who stole his employer’s phone on his first day at work

A social media user identified as Opeyemi Babalola recently took to the platform to reveal how a new employee stole a phone at the office on his first day at work.

Opeyemi in his statement revealed that the employee’s trainer went out to print some documents, and when he got back, he couldn’t find his phone.

However, when they watched the CCTV, it was discovered that the new employee had stolen the phone.

Opeyemi tweeted;

How can you steal a phone on your first day at work? Haha! Real. His trainer went to the other office to print out some documents and before he came back, his phone disappeared!

Thank God there is CCTV in the office, when they played the video for him, he started begging and released the phone. You resumed work today and steal today! Ha!”