Viral video of lady who rejected her boyfriend’s proposal in public has turned out to be a comedy skit and Nigerians are very upset with the comedians who shot it.

Nigerians blast comedians

Recall that yesterday, a video of a lady who rejected her boyfriend of 5 years in the middle of a road went viral, attracting outrage and sympathy from social media users.

Well, the video has turned out to be just another comedy skit shot by two upcoming comedians.

Both entertainers, Owerri Chic and Chineke-Boy Comedian have now posted a behind-the-scene video which shows the supposed “proposal gone wrong” was nothing to be taken seriously.

Watch the initial video which Nigerians believed to be true below;


Watch behind-the-scene video of “fake proposal” below;

Nigerians, especially those who believed the story-line behind the video have now slammed the young comedians who shot the “fake proposal”.

See some of their reactions below…

Nigerians blast comedians

Nigerians blast comedians

Nigerians blast comedians

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