Bobrisky dishes advice on why you should never give people second chances

Bobrisky is now the latest relationship adviser in town as he encourages his fans to shun the idea of giving people second chances.


According to Bobrisky, second chances always cause more damage than it did the first time.

Taking to Instagram, the popular crossdresser noted that second chances is a disaster waiting to happen.

second chances, afroamerican-couple-going-through-hard

He wrote;

“I don’t give second chance to people I fall out with. Yes I will forgive you but I will never talk to you again. So if we are cool now pls manage our relationship well.

I don’t give second chance My hearts is STONE, pls always apply dis method too guys, d moment anyone fcck with you pls don’t give such people a second chance again. D moment you allow them come to ur life… they will do worst when they come back. PERIOD!!!”

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