Bishop Oyedepo finally reveals why he has a fleet of private jets

The Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide AKA Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has revealed why he has a fleet of private jets.

The man of God revealed that the reason is because God has blessed him richly.

Bishop Oyedepo finally reveals why he has a fleet of private jets
Bishop David Oyedepo in his private jet

Oyedepo in a recent sermon at his church stated that his church is now changing planes like bicycles because of God’s blessings.

The popular pastor disclosed that when God first told him that he was going to fly, he and his church never pursued it with human energy.

He said: ”God told us we are going to fly; if He left us to plan to fly, it won’t enter our budget in the next ten years. We are just changing planes like we change bicycles because His blessings make us rich and add no sorrow.

“We didn’t confess; we didn’t pray, pray for the plane to do what? They asked me, which kind of plane and I said any kind. I don’t know the name of any because I wasn’t shopping for it.”

On the Ark Project, Oyedepo said the church had not announced any offering in Canaanland or branches of the church.

The bishop said: ”The dollar-to-naira rate has tumbled and tumbled, but the blessings have tumbled too. There is no forex input from outside Nigeria on the Ark Project, yet there is no pressure on anybody.”

On tithes, the Bishop said people who pay their tithes don’t lack, stressing that tithe payment is biblical.

He said ”John D. Rockefeller was a tither, and he ended up the first American billionaire in history. People don’t lack what they give; they only lack what they keep. He was tithe raised, tithe groomed and tithe sustained.”