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Being financially dependent on a man is prison – Joro Olumofin advises ladies

Popular Nigerian relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has taken to social media to advise ladies never to be financially dependent on a man.

Joro advises ladies


The self-styled ‘Love Doctor’ advised ladies to work hard to earn their own money because for him, financial dependence on a man is more like putting oneself in prison.

Sharing the post on his official Instagram page, the inscription read… “Ladies, it is very important to have your own money. Financial dependency on a man is Prison.”

Joro advises ladies

However, some of his followers saw reasons to agree with his assertion and position. See some of the comments below:

@Nehitaney… “Many girls won’t understand this joro.. Its frigging painful I swear seeing my gender put their hope on guys when if they put in work, they can be richer than the guys they depending on, wealth was not tailored for only men… Its well…”

@Ozeiza… “Can’t agree less…on top your money sef, they will still try, once you resist, they start blackmailing you with “Bible says wife should be submissive”.

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