Viral News “Beauty will open doors that brain can’t open for you, use it”...

“Beauty will open doors that brain can’t open for you, use it” – Female writer advises women


A female writer has opined that beauty is more powerful than intelligence, and has asked ladies to use their beauty as it will open more doors for them than their brain would.

Writer advises beauty brain

The Nigerian author identified on Facebook as Natalie Usen, has taken to the platform to describe beauty as a “currency” which should be utilized in getting what a female needs in life.

According to her, there are several doors beauty will open that brain won’t.

See her full writeup below…

“Beauty is a currency
Stop shrinking from it
Stop minimizing it
Don’t be like me before now
Use it, it’s yours
There are many doors beauty will open for you that brains cannot do the same
There are some doors beauty will open and brains will keep BUT first you need the door open abi?
Don’t let anyone make you feel you have to play down your magnificence
Shine and shine through, don’t allow low budget haters tell you who you should be.
Have an amazing week “


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