Entertainment News “Be the upgrade you’ll like to get” – Toke Makinwa encourages

“Be the upgrade you’ll like to get” – Toke Makinwa encourages


Nigerian lifestyle entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa has encouraged her fans to work towards being a better version of themselves.

toke makinwa

Based on the popular vlogger’s live experience, she further advised on working hard without relenting as it breaks her heart when people belittle themselves.

In a series of tweet, Toke Makinwa who recently celebrated her birthday wrote;

“Be the upgrade you’ll like to get, hang around people who push you to be better, build yourself so that when you get to any negotiating table in life, you negotiate boldly knowing what you bring to the table.

toke makinwa

“In any area of your life keep working to be the best, you can only walk away from abuse of any sort when you know you are good, breaks my heart to see so many people settling, if only they could see their potential, you are the ish, don’t sell yourself short.

“Invest in yourself too, take that course, book that holiday, you deserve it. You’ve worked so hard and you didn’t come to this world to just endure, your name is not endurance.

“Honestly, don’t rush life, I’m happy certain things haven’t happened for me yet cos I needed the time to level up, these days I can turn my back on anything that’s serving me no purpose, I love that God took his time, I needed to be my own upgrade.

“I know this year has been tough before you want to splurge on yourself you have to think of budget, I get it but problem no dey finish o, do something nice for you.”


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