#BBTitans: Yaya chides Mmeli for having s*x with Nelisa and calling her the “bad egg” (Video)

Yaya slams Mmeli for having sex with their fellow housemate, Nelisa, and then going on to call her one of the “bad eggs” in the house.


Recall that Mmeli called Nelisa one of the “bad eggs” in the house while speaking to Big Brother.

Mmeli and Nelisa got intimate just after the party on Saturday. This got now-evicted housemate, Snadra furious, as she was also getting to know Mmeli.

Yaya, however, confronts Mmeli as to why he went on to sleep with Nelisa, if he knew he would instigate things about her.


“it’s been only 2 weeks, I am trying to know other people, now Sandra had to leave. I am quite angry because I was busy trying to give Nelisa attention. Now Sandra has left, not only is she facing that but she is like wtf why is this ni** doing this”, Mmeli responds.

Watch video below;

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