BBTitans: “I don’t know which I like more, that she’s Nigerian or a bad Bi**h” – Juicy Jay about yvonne

Big Brother Titans housemate, Juicy Jay has voiced out his undeniable affection towards fellow housemate, Yvonne.

Juicy Jay

Juicy has been smitten by Yvonne from the moment they stepped into the house. He has spent more time with her than he has with any other BBTitans housemates.

While having a conversation with Yaya and Nelisa earlier today, Juicy revealed that he has no idea what he likes more about Yvonne. He further states that he loves that she is Nigerian and also that she oozes bad bi**h vibes.

He says the icing on the cake is Yvonne’s cooking skills, and how effortlessly sexy she is. The rest, however, nodded in affirmation, as they seem to share the same thoughts about Yvonne.