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#BBNReunion: “He initially didn’t want people to know we were friends” – Angel tackles Cross, accuses him of trying to use her (Video)

Cross Angel Friendship reunion The Tuesday, 14th June edition of the Big Brother Naija Reunion show saw Cross and Angel thrash certain issues as regards their relationship or friendship.

Speaking, Angel boldly asserted that initially, Cross didn’t want people to know about their friendship as he tried being neutral and avoided things that would suggest a close relationship between them. Cross Angel Friendship reunion According to her, Cross wouldn’t comment on her post for everyone to see rather he usually chat her privately if he wanted to drop some sweet words about a photo she shared.

She went on to state that Cross only started posting her on his Instastories when his voice note about Saskay leaked and her (Saskay) fans began dragging him to shreds online.

Cross Angel Friendship reunion Recall that in the leaked voice note, Cross avowed that he loves Angel ‘1 million times’ more than he loves Saskay; a disclosure which didn’t sit well with Sasforce (Saskay fans) who felt he only wanted to play their fave.

According to Angel, Cross used her as a shield at that moment of intense backlashes to save himself. To her, this was why he began posting her and publicizing their friendship.

Watch the video below:

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