Home BBNaija #BBNaija: Moment Cross sucks Angel at a ‘sensitive part’ (Video)

#BBNaija: Moment Cross sucks Angel at a ‘sensitive part’ (Video)

The bond between Angel and Cross seems to be waxing stronger by the day as the duo are always caught in one funny moment or the other.

Cross Angel Suck Sensitive

This time, Angel who seems to be undergoing a mood swing was seen entertaining the company of Cross who tried, by all means, to see that he gets her back to her normal happy state.

Be it as it may, the lovebirds were sighted in a questionable position although what they did still remain unclear.

Cross Angel Suck Sensitive

Cross could be seen fixing his face towards Angel’s stomach and cleavage area and some sucking sounds could be heard. Angel on her part, felt irritated by this which made her tell him to stop.

Watch the video below:

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