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BBNaija: ‘I trust my husband around other women’ – Mike’s wife, Perri

The wife of the first runner-up of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija Season 4, Mike Edwards Olayemi has opened up on what she went through emotionally during the whole 99 days her husband stayed in the Big Brother House, admitting it was a real test for her as they only just got married in May and he had to be off to the House in July, adding she had no single doubt concerning her husband’s fidelity.

“ It was really hard that I wasn’t going to see my husband for 99 days and I didn’t even realise he made it into the house, and I was like, wow, this is going to be harder than I thought, a long time without my husband and we were newly married, we got married May 23rd this year 2019 and three weeks after then my husband travelled to Nigeria and he had to stay in the Big Brother House for 99 days,” she said when asked what went through her mind when Mike decided to go for the Big Brother show.

Although many have celebrated Mike for his conduct and chastity in the House but his wife said she never entertained any fear her husband would go over the line with any woman even though the temptations were everywhere in the Big Brother House with 14 beautiful women.

“I didn’t feel threatened but I did see some things and I felt huh what’s going on here. But then I trust my husband, he is a good looking young man. You are taking about inside the house, outside the house it was even more, seeing people claiming my husband and I will be like no, no, no I can’t share, Mike belongs to me. But I know it was all love because my husband demonstrated a real man, he did have some funny expressions on his face but it didn’t happen and I am so proud of my husband,” she said.

Buttressing her point she revealed why she fell in love with the ‘Pepper Dem’ gang member, saying he’s a gentleman.

“Mike is a gentleman, the reason I fell in love with him is because he was so much about me, he opens door for me, I have never had that before because I was an independent woman and I was doing everything myself, so I had to kind of step back and allow my heart feel something. Mike is nice guy he takes care of me and he will always support anything I do, he just wants to see that I’m happy. And sometimes he cooks for me, he loves cooking a lot and he sometimes cleans the house, he is really a good guy,” she added.

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