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#BBNaija: “I don’t think I and Queen can be as good as we were before” – Whitemoney (Video)

BBNaija housemate, Whitemoney has doubted the possibility of getting along with Queen after the disagreement that occurred between them over Jackie B.

Whitemoney Queen Disagreement Good

Queen had confronted Whitemoney due to his closeness with Jackie B while stating that she is a ‘jealous person’ and doesn’t like sharing her friends.

Whitemoney went ahead to spill the beans to Jackie B which didn’t go down well with Queen as she revealed that Jackie B began to behave awkwardly towards her.

This led to a moment of argument between the duo who were on good terms before this happened.

Whitemoney Queen Disagreement Good

However, reflecting on the incident, Whitemoney could be heard telling Emmanuel that despite the fact that Queen apologized he doesn’t think they would bond well as they did before.

Watch the video below:

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