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#BBNaija: “Don’t stop talking to me” – WhiteMoney pleads with Queen

Housemate WhiteMoney has apparently been caught up between his feelings for Jackie B and his friendship with Queen.


Recall that WhiteMoney has disclosed to Queen that his love interest is Jackie B not her and this revelation has made Queen stay away from WhiteMoney.

The 29-year-old businessman also referred to her as an Option B in interest pertaining to his heart while Queen has disclosed that she would love to marry WhiteMoney.

Reacting to all this love saga, Queen has distanced herself from WhiteMoney that has got him curious. She has also been moody and all on her own.

WhiteMoney who’s not pleased with the new and strange development walked up to her and pleaded that they vibe as before.

“I have gotten used to your vibes in this house, please don’t stop talking to me or try to create malice between me and you”, he said.

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