BBNaija #BBNaija Day 62: Housemates reveal childhood aspirations, Vee and Laycon mock Neo,...

#BBNaija Day 62: Housemates reveal childhood aspirations, Vee and Laycon mock Neo, lots more…


We brought you interesting highlights from #BBNaija Day 62: Housemates reveal childhood aspirations, Vee and Laycon mock Neo, housemates reveal who they miss, Nengi sure Ozo will make it to finals, and lots more.

Day 62: Who do you miss?

While they party and get drunk Vee tells Laycon who she misses, before Laycon tells Dorathy that he misses Kiddwaya, Prince and all the other Housemates as well as his parent and siblings.

Day 62: Say it out loud!

Nengi tells Ozo that there is power in words as she tells him that she is hopeful that they will be together in the finale.

Day 62: Housemates’ childhood aspirations
What did our top seven Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates want to be when they grew up? We asked, they answered!

What did you want to be when you grew up? It’s a question every single child gets asked and seemingly plans for. Their minds may change as they get older, others not so much. When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, the Housemates had varying answers.

#BBNaija Day 62

Our Queen of Cool, Dorathy wanted to be an accountant when she grew up, saying “I always thought people that count money end up having plenty of money, how wrong I was!”

#BBNaija Day 62

Laycon has taken a few opportunities to show the Housemates and the continent his lyrical prowess. From freestyling to performing, it came as no surprise that Laycon’s words were “I wanted to be an artist, and I am an artist.” Indeed he is!

#BBNaija Day 62

Our current Head of House said she wanted to be a pilot growing up, adding that she would still love to go to aviation school someday. Given her self confidence and her drive, we have no doubt that she will achieve it if she puts her mind to it.


When asked, all Neo had to say on the matter was “I always wanted to be famous.” We cannot speak to the future, but we do think that he is well on his way to achieving the fame that he wanted.


The Oracle, as Ozo has been dubbed wanted to be a goalkeeper and play for the national team. At least his knowledge of the sport is not wasted in any way as he can still show us his prowess in Sports Trivia and still keep the fans entertained.


Our resident funnyman said when he was a child he wanted to be a uniformed hero, saying “As a child I loved the military, I always wanted to be in the Navy.” Whether the military or the navy we are sure he would have been able to keep his fellow brothers and sister in arms as entertained as he has kept the viewers and Housemates.

#BBNaija Day 62Vee

The gifted songstress wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. Though she gave no reason as to why we can see that the sharpshooting songbird is quite serious about her music right now. Given its uplifting nature, we think she can still heal people through song.

Some know what we want to be from a very young age, and stick with it. Others change their minds and pursue something else. Still, others change their minds and try different through life. It is all part of the journey!

Day 62: Calm before the storm

The Housemates have a calming morning as they take their time to wake up and take it easy. Talking about love, life outside and laundry.

Day 62: Teasing Neo
Neo took to the stage to entertain the rest of the BBNaija Housemates and they teased him in response.

With their Task completed, the Housemates turned up the good vibes as they waited patiently to bring down the House during the Saturday Night Party. Neo who was obviously in a good mood thanks to his recent winnings got more than he bargained for as he put up a fun performance.

Booing the performer

To kill time and also in good humour, Neo put up a mock performance as he sang along to the songs playing in the background while mimicking an artist on stage. Vee and Laycon who sat and watched him perform gave their review of his performance. Let’s just say the reviews and the way Neo took it had everyone laughing.

From broke D’banj to Abule Egba D’banj, Vee and Laycon shaded him with names depicting he was the watered-down version of the real star.

Neo did get his pound of flesh when he refused to give her any of his chocolates as he recounted all the names she called him during his performance. Vee also reminded him of all the times he called her names and teased her.

All in all, they were both fun to watch tease each other and you all loved it.

Life on the outside

As their time in the House comes close to an end, the Lockdown Geng talk about what they have planned when they get back outside. Trikytee already has his vision set on producing a television series and his music and all other things can wait. Neo will be focusing on business and the entertainment industry. Ozo has business on his mind too but he plans to fill a gap and not just venture into just any kind of business.

With Evictions tomorrow and just a week left in the House, the Housemates will finally have a chance to make all their big ideas a reality. We wish them all the best. We will be here rooting for them.

Day 62: A myPaddi Task
Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates participated in a myPaddi Task, bringing sexual and reproductive health issues to light.

This afternoon, myPaddi was in the House getting the Housemates thinking about societal issues that many people can relate to: Mental, sexual and reproductive health. These were central in the day’s Task as Housemates delved into how myPaddi interacts with users on a daily basis.


MyPaddi is a platform that provides young people with sexual and reproductive health information and products, ensuring their anonymity. Users are able to engage with medical doctors and counsellors at any time of the day and are also able to purchase products for discreet delivery to their door. Today’s Task was broken into two.

The Teams

Today’s teams were:
MyPaddi Shop made up of Neo, Trikytee, Vee and Ozo

MyPaddi App made up of Dorathy, Nengi and Laycon

Task one

In their teams, the Housemates were to participate in a quiz after studying materials from myPaddi. Given two hours, the Housemates had to cram as much information as they could in order to Win the round. The quiz was set up in the garden where they answered as many questions until the buzzer rang leading Team myPaddi Shop to Win by only 10 points.

Task two

As the winners of the round, Team myPaddi Shop moved on to round two, leaving Team myPaddi App to spectate in the garden. The team was dissolved and individually they had to complete a branded puzzle. After an hour of putting together puzzles, Neo finished first!

The Housemates seem to have learnt a lot through the quiz today for sure, did you?

Day 62: Putting pieces together

Team myPaddi Shop proceeds to the next round of the Task, but this time, they play as individuals. The Task is a Jigsaw puzzle. Can they put the pieces together in record time?

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