BBNaija #BBNaija Day 41: Revolution and trouble in Biggie’s house, the fake housemate,...

#BBNaija Day 41: Revolution and trouble in Biggie’s house, the fake housemate, return of the oracle, and lots more…


We brought you all interesting highlights from #BBNaija Day 41: Revolution and trouble in Biggie’s house, the fake housemate, return of the oracle, and lots more.

#BBNaija Day 41

Day 41: Loving last night

When the Housemates reminisced about last night, it became clear that they all enjoyed playing Hide and Seek more than they thought they would. Who said that games from your childhood can’t be enjoyed as an adult?

Day 41: Trouble in Biggie’s paradise

Maintaining a love affair is hard, and in the Big Brother House it’s even harder. The boo’d up pairs have all had issues to deal with, and when they tackle them, their interactions can lead to relationship success or separation.

Day 41: A Revolution Plus Task

The Housemates were tasked with identifying properties in a Task that would Challenge their crossword skills.

Day 41: Getting cozy

Wathoni and Brighto are getting closer, getting to know each other through their strengths and weaknesses

Day 41: The return of the Oracle

The return of Neo’s alter ego the Oracle led to the Housemates playing their raciest game of Truth or Dare so far. If you thought that the Housemate were calming down, this night proved otherwise.

Day 41: Rumours of a fake Housemate
Biggie left the Housemates guessing who the possible fake Housemate could be in the Lockdown House.

In their Diary Sessions with Biggie yesterday, some of the Housemates were told about a rumour about a possible fake Housemate living amongst the Lockdown geng in Biggie’s House. While some found it hard to believe, others didn’t waste a second in pointing out who could be the fake guest in the bunch.

Let’s guess!

Brighto was the first Housemate Biggie threw his question at in the Diary Session and his response was that Lucy could be the fake Housemate. Giving his reasons, Brighto said Lucy usually acts fearless and confident even during heated arguments with the other Housemates. “I think Lucy might be the fake Housemate; I said this because of her attitude in the House. She attacks everyone and she’s fearless when she’s arguing with people,” he said.

It was fun watching some of you make your own assumptions

Next, Biggie had Neo guessing for what seemed like an hour and after thinking hard, Neo couldn’t come up with any names. According to him, he said people once thought he was the fake Housemate but he’s sure they know he’s not one now. He said he has no clue who a possible fake Housemate could be and concluded that whoever it is must be doing a really good job at keeping the secret. “Biggie, the person sabi work o,” he said. He kept thinking hard and wondering who could have been employed to do a great job at acting as a fake Housemate in the Lockdown House and spent almost all his Diary Session time thinking hard. We guess that question might have thrown him off balance, as he never saw it coming.

Tolanibaj may have heard the question wrongly when Biggie asked as she went on about wanting Biggie to bring in a fake Housemate, preferably a male Housemate that she will click with. It wasn’t until Biggie called her attention to the actual question that she then made her guess. Upon hearing the question, Tolanibaj screamed at the thought of living with a possible fake Housemate for six weeks without having a clue. She though for a second and made her guess – Trikytee. “Ah, I’ll go with Trikytee, my mind is leaning towards Trikytee,” she exclaimed.

Some of you were sure that the Housemates will spill their gist with Biggie immediately

Well, let’s just say the secret question is still coded for now. It may or may not stir up a heated conversation in the House later. Or would it? We’ll find out.

Day 41: Revolution in Biggie’s House
The Housemates faced off in a Task sponsored by Revolution Plus Properties and it was a fiercely contested battle.

Today the Big Brother Housemates took on a Task handed to them by Revolution Properties, and just like their bespoke properties, the Housemates were fantastic from every angle. It wouldn’t be a Task without teams and activities and here is the breakdown of both. The Housemates were separated into four groups named after the glittering properties that Revolution has developed, and here is what the teams looked like:

Part one
The Housemates were given cards bearing the names of the 20 estates owned by Revolution Properties and given15 minutes to memorise their names and locations. Each team nominated one member as their representative for the crossword puzzle. The representatives were given 60 seconds to find a property name on the puzzle and circle it. Once that was done the team had 10 seconds to name the location of the property. Each team was given four chances to play a round, which meant that 16 rounds were played in total.
When the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared the scores from the first round were :

With one more round still to take place in this Task, there is no telling which team will be celebrating and which will be commiserating their performance when it’s all over.

Day 41: ‘I want more’ – Erica

After a wild night of barbecue and games, came an emotional rainstorm in the Lockdown House.

#BBNaija Day 41

We’re not sure if it was the effect of the alcohol but after the heated games in the Garden, some Housemates kept us glued for more entertainment with some entanglement drama.

What next with Kiddrica?

After her discussion with Tolanibaj, Erica went into the House to have a conversation with Kiddwaya to let him know her deep feelings for him and, to define what they have. After what happened to be a long one-sided talk, Erica asked Kiddwaya for a response to all she had said. “I have nothing to say,” he responded. This triggered Erica and she decided to call their situationship off. While extending her hands to give him what seemed like a farewell handshake, she told him, “Have a nice life, it was nice knowing you”.

Two breakups in one day? How are the shippers doing?

The mediators

Trikytee and Prince who were in the closet while Kiddwaya and Erica had their conversation, got involved in this matter. Erica told them that she deserves more than Kiddwaya is offering her and went ahead to narrate their conversation to them. She also made them understand that she is a catch outside the House and has a queue of men waiting for her, but while she’s interested in only Kiddwaya, he’s not reciprocating the feelings. “I’ve taken a lot from him, I’m not interested anymore so I’ll just focus on my career,” she tells them while also calling Kiddwaya a spoilt brat. She also mentioned the fact that Kiddwaya broke up with her earlier in the day and while explaining this, she started crying. This prompted Prince and Trikytee to comfort her and give her a hug. Kiddwaya walked back into the conversation to give her a soothing hug and then told her to go take a bath and stop crying.

While they joked about their individual counseling skills, Prince and Trikytee called Kiddwaya aside to ask him about his genuine feelings for Erica. “Do you like her? How do you feel about her,” they kept asking him. Kiddwaya then proceeded to explain his situationship with Erica and made them understand that he cares for her but he can’t give her what she wants because of his background, and how he grew up without having much love shown around him. He described it as ‘tough love’ and said Erica wants something more than he can currently offer her.

The ‘counselors’ advised him to be gentle with her and to pay attention to her needs. Prince told Kiddwaya that he believes they’re alike because he also doesn’t know how to express his feelings to someone he cares about. While Trikytee kept insisting that this whole drama was because of the truth or dare games with Kiddwaya carrying Nengi on his back, Prince told him that he’s sure that there are underlying issues between them. Kiddwaya proceeded to tell his counselors that he has told every girl he’s been with that he’s not good with emotions, but they still keep falling for him and he doesn’t want to hurt them. He said this is the case with Erica because he really cares about her and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Prince asked to know where the relationship is going and Kiddwaya told him that he can’t make Erica happy because his life is not built that way. He explained his father’s politics and how he’s not wired for emotions, which also affected how he grew up. Prince concluded his counseling session by telling Kiddwaya to weigh how he comfortable he is with his life and how he currently feels.

Here’s how you judged



A friendly advice

Just before the conversation with Kiddwaya, Erica told Tolanibaj that she feels Laycon wishes her bad, so she went ahead to confront him. He denied this saying, “I don’t wish you bad, I know you already know how I feel about you”.

Now, after her conversation with KIddwaya, we saw Erica and Laycon having a conversation in the Garden. From Laycon telling her that he felt bad when she was given two Strikes, to Erica telling him that she feels he wants her out of the House, the two had a lengthy chat. “If you ever catch me looking at you, it’s not because I want you out of the House or I wish you bad; it’s because I often imagine how it would have turned out with you and I always admire how beautiful you are,” he told her. “I still care about you and I hope at some point I get to show that, but every time you come to talk to me, it’s just a relapse and I don’t want that,” he further added.

Then Erica spoke about her current situation with Kiddwaya. “I picked Kiddwaya, stupid decision. I’m sure my best friends are slapping me through the screen right now,” she told Laycon. “No, it’s not,” Laycon responded. He then went on to advise her to stop thinking about what people think and says if she’s happy about what she’s doing, then she should talk to Kiddwaya more.

In the middle of their conversation, Kiddwaya walked into the Garden to ask Erica for a chat. “When I’m done with my conversation, I’ll come in,” she replied. Then proceeded to call him a spoilt brat. She confided in Laycon about how she must remind herself that she’s on her own, seeing that Laycon wanted his space and she’s not sure of her situation with Kiddwaya. They both ended their conversation making peace with each other, then Erica asked for a hug to seal their friendship.

From this chat, some of you think Laycon has moved on

Now some of you were more concerned about this

Well, one thing we’ve learnt for sure is that the Lockdown couples usually have emotional rollercoasters in the House and whenever it seems like there’s no hope for their ship, they usually come back looking stronger together. This might be the case with Kiddrica, let’s just wait and see how it plays out.

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