Angela Okorie blasts Zubby Michael for rocking red T-shirt to Junior Pope’s funeral

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has criticized her colleague, Zubby Michael over his choice of outfit to the late actor, Junior Pope’s funeral.

Recall that Zubby Michael faced significant backlash for wearing a red T-shirt to his late friend Junior Pope’s funeral.

Angela Okorie
Angela Okorie.

Angela Okorie, who has consistently criticized Zubby Michael since Junior Pope’s tragic death, once again condemned his choice of outfit, questioning if red is an appropriate color for a funeral.

She suggested that Zubby Michael attended the funeral not out of love for the deceased but because of her relentless criticism.

Zubby Michael at Junior Pope's funeral

The actress also expressed regret over her absence, stating she would have undoubtedly caused a scene had she been there.

She wrote: “Zubby no go that burial because he too love Junior pop o, Na Propaganda he Dey do Cos I don drag am pass I pass my Nabour generator, Nigga wear red go burial like say na ogwuego meeting he Dey go. Anything you do in this life No die o, refuse to die o. It’s unfortunate am in America Cos na film people for watch Walai. Chaiii JP Nwannem Thank you for all the beautiful memories you shared with us, You will never be forgotten. Go well Nwannem.”


Angela Okorie blasts Zubby Michael for rocking red T-shirt to Junior Pope's funeral