Angel Smith calls for ban on babies boarding flights

Angel smith

Big Brother Naija reality star, Angel Smith has called on the ban of babies and toddlers from boarding flights. 

The reality star Angel Smith has taken to her Twitter page and has shared her thoughts and opinions on airlines allowing babies and toddlers.

Explaining the reason why she called on the authorities to ban babies from boarding flights, Angel Smith disclosed that they noisy in planes and cause distractions.

She tweeted, “They need to ban babies/toddlers from being able to board flights. Leave those noisy coco felons at home.”

See her post below.

Angel Smith’s post has triggered diverse reactions;

@nks_kitchen: “When you have yours, airdrop it to your destination. I don’t understand how people reason sha ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️”.

@myskin_doctrine: “But this girl is just catching pure cruise! From her description, she finds them cute am I the only interpreting it this way?”

@meenahofbeautypro: “Sense is really far from this girl ….can’t blame you tho”. 

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