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After five children, lady finds out her husband has another family

A Nigerian lady who is married with five children has cried out on social media after finding out that her husband already has a child with his side chick.

Read her story below;

“How will you feel if as a working married woman with five kids, you hear that your hubby has impregnated another woman out there and had even given birth without your knowledge, meanwhile during the period of that pregnancy, hubby gave me and my kids tough time, beatings, disgrace, betrayals, insults but l never heard about the pregnancy and l put all the abuse into prayers and telling him he has lost his mind and sight spiritually but l never knew he was nursing a pregnant woman anywhere.

Hmm if you were in my shoe, what will you do, also hubby is irresponsible emotionally, psychologically, financially and physically, even our rent or kids fees he can’t pay, please advise me with maturity. Am sad already so no insult please.”

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