“A lot of straight mens’ soulmate might be a transgender” – Jay Boogie claims love is love

Popular crossdresser, Daniel Anthony a.k.a Jay Boogie claims that love is love and for a straight man, his soul mate may be a transgender.

Jay Boogie, who was at birth a man before undergoing a gender change process, took to Instagram to make the assertion.

"A lot of straight mens' soulmate might be a transgender" – Jay Boogie claims love is love
Jay Boogie claims love is love regardless of who it is directed at. Photo Credit: Jay Boogie. Source: Instagram.

According to her, love exists in different forms and sometimes a man cannot stop who evokes the feelings.

Jay Boogie argued that love is love regardless of the person who the emotion is directed at and asserted that the reason why many straight men are single is because they do not know that their real soulmate is a trans woman.

He wrote:

“A lot Of You Straight Men Soulmate Is Probably A Trans Woman ….Thats Probably Why A lot Of Y’all Are Still Single And Relationships Can’t Work And Can’t Find Loyalty In Genetic Woman YOUR SOULMATE COULD BE ANYONE !!! Love is Love And You Can’t Stop Who It’s Towards”

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