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A Disobedient Wife Needs Violence – Man Blasts Chacha Eke For Ending Her Marriage

A certain Nigerian man has slammed Chacha Eke for walking out of her 7-year-old marriage over a yet-to-be disclosed issue.


Reacting to the news, the father of two, Maduakor Israel Chuwuebuka, made a post online that;

“disobedient wives needs violence and women of nowadays are quick to cry domestic violence over small beating”.

He wrote;

“Chacha Eke can stay in marriage in movie but can’t in real life. She always obey her husband on movies and opposite is the case in real life. People and fake life.

“A disobedient wife needs violence. All this Nollywood akwunas. I love Chacaha and her role on movies and she sticks to marriage on set . What is it that your husband did that you are leaving . Why not endure till end . I have lived in domestic violence house and I know at some times you have to stick and keep moving . If he beat you, run and come back.

“Women of nowadays small beating you will start shouting domestic violence. If you meet real violence you cant even run. That’s why we have high rate of divorce nowadays. Stop disobeying your man”.

This is coming few days after the Nollywood actress announced in a now deleted video on her page that her marriage to her husband, Austin Fanni Ikechukwu has ended.

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