“9ice is the only man that broke my heart” — Ex-wife, Toni Payne opens up after 10 years

It has been 10 years since the separation of Nigerian singer, 9ice, and his once beloved wife, Toni Payne with whom they had a child.

toni payne

Following a trend on Twitter about ‘worst heartbreaks,’ the ex-wife of 9ice Adigun Alapomeji has opened up on their dissolution.

According to Toni Payne in a recent tweet, she only had a heartbreak once in her life and it was with 9ice.


“I’ve only had my heart broken only once… nothing to tell really because I got a wonderful and amazing son out of it and I’d get my heart broken a million times just for him. My disappointment was a blessing in disguise,” Payne tweeted.

“Well, no one ever prays to be heartbroken but I believe everything worked out for the best. We were not designed for each other and it took maturing and growth to figure that out. No one that is for you will ever put you through what I went through.

9ice toni payne wedding

“I’m a lover and an avid communicator. I don’t break hearts, they break themselves.”

“There would be less heartbreak if people are just honest with themselves and each other. That thing you are trying to avoid by lying is what usually hurts most. Deception is a hard pill to swallow, especially if you didn’t expect it. Honesty through it all softens the blow,” she tweeted.

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