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39-year-old man allegedly rapes 7-year-old girl in Abia

A 39-year-old man, identified as Charles Okoro, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 7-year-old girl who lives in the same compound with her single mum, Benita Ibe in Aba, Abia state.

While speaking with LIB, the mother of the victim stated that she returned home and noticed that his daughter was not walking well.   Her  daughter later opened up on how Charles defiled her in his house and threatened to kill her if she tells anyone.

”The suspect is my neighbor. My daughter normally stays at home with her sister. If I am not around, they stay together. On May 19, I noticed that the way my daughter wasn’t walking well. I asked her and she said nothing. I observed that something was wrong because she started having discharge. I told her someone must have touched for such to happen.

She then told me that she cannot say it because the person told her that she will die if she ever says it. I asked her who is the person and she told me it was my neighbor who is also from my local government.

She told me that Charles told her to go and help him bring something from his room. He rushed into the room with her. She tried to escape but Charles dragged her back, closed the door and used his hand to cover her mouth and then defiled her. He then warned her that if she says it to anyone, she will die” She said

The mother said she reported Charles to the police after he returned home.

”Immediately he came back, I went to the Railway police station and made a complain and they came to arrest him. He has confessed that he did it but I don’t understand the way they want to take the matter because the policemen are now begging me. How can they beg me for this kind of offence? A girl that is 7 years and the man is 39 years? Defilement case is not a bailable offence. They are just trying to confuse me because I don’t have anybody.” she said.

Police Officer IPO, Godwin Amadi, who confirmed the incident to LIB, said the suspect is still in the police station.

According to Amadi, a meeting between the suspect, the victim’s mother, and the Divisional Police Officer DPO has been fixed for tomorrow June 5.

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