25-year-old lady who slept with 65-year-old white man for money expresses worry over pregnancy

A young lady is in a dilemma after getting pregnant for a 65-year-old white man she had slept with for money.

According to her, she’s in a long-distance relationship with a 33-year-old man whom she loves a lot and wouldn’t want to see get hurt.

She revealed that her boyfriend uses protection whenever they sleep together and even if the baby she’s currently carrying gets out, it would be a coloured baby.

See her full post below:

“Hey admin hide my I’d as per tradition am 25years old lady am in trouble I had live sxx with a 67 year old white man 2months ago and am in a relationship with 33 year old man although he hasnt reached yet at my parents, we are in a long distance relationship, I just found out today that am pregnant and when ever we meet with my boyfriend he uses a connddom, I don’t know what to tell him coz am 100% sure this pregnancy am carrying is for the old white man, which if I tell him that his responsible and the child turns out to be coloured ,am afraid am just thinking of aboorrting it because my life will be shattered when my boyfriend finds out the truth, note: I just slept with that white man I just wanted money I dont love him notify me when you post I will be following the comments thank you in advance”