23-year-old lady recounts how she was defiled by stepfather’s brother at age 7; says it’s been affecting her relationships with men

A 23-year-old lady has recounted her sad childhood experience at the hands of her stepfather’s brother.

The lady stated that she was bedded by the stepfather’s brother at the age of 7 who took advantage of her naivety to have his way.

The sad experience has affected her mental health, making her depressed and leaving her with anxiety and shame whenever other women brad about their virginity.

Her mental health wasn’t the only affected; her relationships with men have been affected as well. She revealed that she once opened up to her ex who began acting strange.

Read her full story:

“I’m a lady aged 23, turning 24 tomorrow and I’m in a relationship with a certain guy for 2yrs now. I was a joyful and happy child while I was growing up until this guy came and destroyed it all. I was 7yrs old at that time and a man who happened to be my step Father’s brother came to stay with us. I grew fond of him but I didn’t know what his intentions were… He took advantage of me and defiled me at such a tender age. And that’s where all the trauma begun, I developed depressed, anxiety, low self-esteem and overthinking. I would always question my worth when I’m with my friends because I felt like I’m dirty and unworthy in my twenties I still feel like that. Whenever they’d brag about their virginity I’d pretend to be happy but cried whenever I was alone. Even though the criminal was arrested, I still feel the impact of it up to this very moment.

l once opened up to my ex but he started acting strange the moment I told him and left. My current man is very supportive and caring plus I love him but I’m afraid to open up to him about it, he thinks I’m a virgin and might leave after telling him. I don’t think I am pure after what happened during my childhood.
He wants to reach home but I keep making up excuses”