Young lady devastated as brother passes away, video stirs emotion

A heartbreaking video captures the emotional moment young lady sheds tears of pain after losing her brother.

The young lady was seen looking deeply bereaved over the loss of her brother.

Lady brother passed away
Heartbroken lady.

Apparently, her brother had succumbed to the cold hands of death and his demise left her inconsolable.

In the video that she shared, could be seen wailing heartbreakingly and bemoaning his loss.

Read some comments from netizens below:

acqua_crystal_bathrooms said: “Untimely death will never be our portion”

iam_linchpin said: “How can a video be so sad & funny simultaneously? Is she really sad or happy over her brother’s ddeath?”

nene_george said: “But how do people video themselves crying? If something tragic happens to you, camera phone should be the last thing on your mind…”

evve_lynn said: “May this thing never happen to any of us in Jesus”

tonia.gram_ said: “So sad. But what if she forgot to press ‘record’? She’d now start from the beginning??”

adetunmisebenard said: “How do y’all conveniently do video while crying because the day I try it I ended up laughing at my mouth”

sanmi.folayan said: “Why she con dey record herself. She no fit give person phone make den dey record am?”

carphy_flinks said: “Atlest drop phone so you can be able to cry well or maybe hang it on ringlight….may your brother’s soul rest in peace”

Watch the video below: