Young girl heartbroken as her new braids fail to make her look like a ‘baddie’

A young South African girl has flooded the internet with her tears after her new braids failed to give her that ‘baddie’ look.

She shared the video on her Tiktok page, @bongidee, where she cried out to her followers.

According to the young lady, her sole purpose for making the braids was so she could look like a baddie but the hair came out differently.

Young girl heartbroken as her new braids fails to make her look like a ‘baddie’

While making the braids she tried to spice it up by trying out a different color but it didn’t change anything.

She showed viewers the hair from different angles while insisting that it had no correlation to what she wanted and she looked very basic instead.

Many Netizens have encouraged the young girl in the comments.

See some below…

@F.atsooo asked: “Am I the only one that doesn’t see anything wrong?”

@Mpho Marokoane opined: “Those braids are perfect. I once had baddie braids on and it felt like my neck twisted 🤣🤣🤣. Those things are heavy AF”

@Qobo0828 asked: “Girl why didn’t you tell the hairdresser that??”

@Patience Mncube added: “at least you are crying inside of a car..mina i was walking the streets with tears flowing on my face bruh😅😂”

@‼️ said: “the gasp I gusped when I search what real baddie braids looked like”

Watch video here


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