“You’ll marry me or not?” – Nigerian big boy orders girlfriend off boat at sea as she rejects his marriage proposal

Nigerian big boy has caught the attention of social media as he asks his girlfriend to exit a boat cruise midway on the water after she rejected his marriage proposal, stating that she’s not ready.

The incident, captured in a viral video, shows the Nigerian man alongside a lady believed to be his girlfriend and several others, enjoying themselves on a boat.

"You'll marry me or not?" - Nigerian big boy orders girlfriend off boat at sea as she rejects his marriage proposal
Big boy orders girlfriend off boat as she rejects marriage proposal.

Midway through the cruise, the Nigerian man asks his girlfriend to marry him, presenting a ring from his pocket.

However, she immediately declines, claiming she’s not ready.

In response, the man instructs the boat driver to stop and asks his girlfriend to disembark, while questioning her again about marriage.

Initially unable to give an immediate response, the girlfriend is then seen reconsidering as the man attempts to remove her water jacket and remove her from the boat.

Eventually, she changes her mind and accepts his proposal.

The video has garnered attention from many individuals, with several sharing their thoughts in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

shantela: “if she can’t be with you let her be with God.”

E.l.l.y: “Omorrr I go collect ring I then once we reach to our destination, I go give you bk your ring.”

Ruby: “I go collect the ring if I each house I go give am back.”

J_baby: “Na simple thing for there I go accept the ring but once we leave there,na breakup I go do😂no stress.”

🥺his😌 ❤️Best 😚🖤baby 🥀🖇️: “middle of sea😭😂of u say no u go down.”

Kelv: “You go marry abi you wan come down?”



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