“You think say na saliva pouring contest we dey do here” — VeryDarkMan replies Carter Efe

VeryDarkMan finally claps back at Carter Efe for coming at him on Instagram Live

Controversial activist, VeryDarkMan has taken to his Instagram to make a video responding to Skitmaker, Carter Efe.

Just today, the comedian and Skitmaker took to Instagram Live to drag the online activist after his arrival in Lagos, courtesy of Davido.

It seems like VeryDarkMan finally has his time and has made a video to respond to him.

He said;

“You think say na saliva pouring contest we dey do here? See your face, this your gap tooth dem need to carry cement fill am because na there the spit take dey comot, snake. You dey spray garden?

Me and you we no even dey for the same level, what is your impact on the society today? Okay dey know me say na skincare I take blow, okay yes. At least I made a move to protect Nigerians, wetin you don do?

Anything you do I can do that, but everything I do you can’t do. You don’t even have the ability to think. You just made a whole video saying nothing”.

Responding to the smell allegations by Carter, VeryDarkMan inserted a video where he was being hugged by Davido, claiming a millionaire wouldn’t hug him if he smelled bad. He challenged Carter to produce a video like the one he had with influential men or not speak to him.

“You think say na saliva pouring contest we dey do here” — VeryDarkMan responds to Carter Efe
Online activist, VeryDarkMan.

He ended the video saying he wasn’t in a competition with everybody as even some of his mates are already dead but he is taking life step by step.

Watch the video here:

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