“You get husband, you dey do conductor” – Pregnant woman battles female conductor on BRT bus from Oshodi to Sango

A heavily pregnant Nigerian woman vows to beat a female bus conductor while also insulting her for being a conductor despite having a husband as they journey from Oshodi to Sango in a BRT bus.

This is contained in a video captioned: “Na why you no dey enter BRT bus.”

"You get husband, you dey do conductor" - Pregnant woman battles female conductor on BRT bus from Oshodi to Sango
Pregnant woman battles female conductor on BRT bus.

In the video, the heavily pregnant woman could be heard shouting at the top of her lungs while threatening the female conductor to approach her.

The pregnant woman said: “Why don’t you come near me? You have a husband at home and you’re doing conductor work. You’re unfortunate. See, I’m very sure I’ll beat you up. I have a baby in my belly, but I dare you to try.”

She made the statement while being urged to calm down by fellow passengers.

Meanwhile, many individuals took to the comment page of the post to share their thoughts after the video made its way onto social media platforms.

See some reactions below:

❤️: “Dem go drag the matter from sango reach oshodi.”

amusayusluvakinbo: “everyday fight inside red BRT, I dey like enter the red BRT because from jibowu to ikorodu your mind no go rest. na everywhere fight.”

kofoworawealth💕💕: “hmmm Alliamdulilahi this was how passenger and I use to fight then.”

Your crush 😌: “Na ikd bus b dis na so e Dey be every night 😂 Especially wen der is traffic starting from owode onirin.”

balogunmayowa562: “I Dey lik dis kind of fight I don’t usually lik it when dey stop and always swear for d person dat is trying to settle d fight. can’t believe that woman was telling her fellow woman such thing “you get husband for house and u dey do conductor “

Djosh@TIktok: “those ladies doing conduct always think they are the only people that can abuse. they can abuse anybody even elderly.”



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