You better don’t get married – Bishop Oyedepo to feminists

Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Bible Church, better known as Winners Chapel, has urged feminists not to marry.

According to the reports, the Bishop made this known in a sermon where he revealed that feminism leads to frustration and devastation, and women may never have a good home with it.

He went on to say that any woman whose vision is the feminist revolution should not attempt to get married because it won’t work

Bishop Oyedepo said, “Right now, there is a feminine revolution. Then you get into feminine frustration and destiny devastation.

“You know something; no book on earth will ever overtake the Bible in currency. It is the eternal truth. While the earth remains, the truth of scriptures remains in force, you either choose to follow or go your way.

“For we can do nothing against the truth – no matter what civilization we are talking about – but for the truth at all times.

“If feminist revolution is your vision, don’t attempt to get married, because it won’t work.”