“You are richer than most celebrities who flaunt rich lifestyles on social media”- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has advised Nigerians to ignore celebrities and their fake lifestyles, as it has gradually created the misconception to many that all celebrities are wealthy.

He disclosed in an eye-opening tweet that many regular people are richer than celebrities who flaunt the lifestyle of the rich on social media.

Stressing further, the activist mentioned that most of the celebrities Nigerians are envious of, wear borrowed clothes just to flaunt on social media.

He wrote;

You are richer than many of the celebrities who flaunt the lifestyle of the rich and famous on social media. That house-mortgaged. The car-financed. Those clothes-on credit. Tabulate their assets and minus their liabilities and they are in deficit”.

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