“You are gullible, you allow your fans control you with their stupid analysis” – Pere drags BBN colleagues

Big Brother Naija reality star Pere Egbi has dragged his fellow BBN colleagues, as he says most of them are controlled by their fans.

Pere has taken to his Twitter page to slam some Big Brother Naija fans and shippers who create problems for their favorites.

According to Pere, some of his BBN colleagues are gullible and allow their fans to control them with some analysis, which makes them develop hatred for their fellow housemates without analyzing the issue at hand.

Pere tweeted;

"You are gullible, you allow your fans control you with their stupid analysis" - Pere drags BBN colleagues
BBNaija reality star, Pere Egbi. Source: Google

“And to some of my colleagues, this is directed straight at you: WHO THE CAP FITS, LET HIM WEAR IT! Some of you are so gullible; it’s pathetically unbelievable. You let your fans pilot you with their stupid analysis and like a weightless kite, they direct you towards hate or disdain for a fellow housemate.”

“You allow yourselves to be immersed in the rubbish and let social media affect how you relate to others and dictate how you live your lives. It’s something called balls that some of you need to grow and it’s something called standing for something you believe in that some of you need to learn to do.”

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