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“You are also a citizen, you are not bigger than the rule of law” – Laycon reacts to Twitter ban

Popular singer, Laycon slams the Federal Government of Nigeria following the ban on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter.


It would be recalled that the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari ordered restriction of the social media platform activities in Nigeria after it took down the president’s tweet that violated its policy.

In reaction, Laycon condemns the action of President Buhari by reminding the government that the restriction is an abuse of human rights.

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In his words;

“So you don’t get sad and angry because I’m too young to correct you, all I’m saying is You can’t remove people’s right to free speech just because you “felt” like your right to free speech was removed. Then you have become what you’re pissed off about dear. So… ILLOGICAL.

“Now if you can’t adhere to simple terms and conditions of an app, how you wanna actually obey the tenets of the constitution you swore to uphold. Don’t forget you are also a citizen so you are subject to the constitution too. You are not bigger than the rule of law.

“It’s that mindset of “I am so so and so, I can’t be wrong and be corrected” that has gotten us to where we are now. You didn’t follow terms and conditions of app, them delete your tweet, so next step is to ban the activity of the app. that’s that “I AM OLDER THAN YOU” SYNDROME.

“So a tweet that reeks of open threat to lives of people was deleted, why? because it goes against the terms and conditions of the app you’re using. If simple terms and conditions of an app can’t be followed by you, then how is that anybody’s fault??”

"You are also a citizen, you are not bigger than the rule of law" - Laycon reacts to Twitter ban

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