I would never have a tape, I’m very smart – Actress, Sonia Ogiri says as she continues to drag Tiwa Savage

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri, who has been at the fore in condemning Tiwa Savage over her leaked tape which went viral some days back, has surfaced once more to intensify the drag.

Sonia Ogiri Tiwa Savage

The actress in an interview with Saturday Beats noted that she dates responsible people who would never want to leak her tape online. She also claimed to be a very smart individual who would be able to detect when such a thing is about to take place.

Sonia Ogiri Tiwa Savage

Coming to Tiwa Savage, she criticized the mother of one for making out with her lover unprotected and slammed her for allowing herself to be filmed during the act.

She said:

“I would never have a s*x tape, except it was done without my knowledge, but I am very smart to check around. I am not even in that situation because I date extremely responsible people. I don’t do ‘runs’, I do relationships. My relationships are extremely responsible and my partners’ social lives are paramount to them. They would never want to put such a thing out there, and I also would never want to put such things out there too; we respect each other’s privacy and they’re not social media intoxicated. They’re not small boys that would be triggered to do such thing for whatever reason, because I am very careful, I find myself around very more careful people too.”

“Of course I am in love with someone and I am in a relationship. If you’re in love or in a relationship and both of you love each other, there is no limit to what you can do, but since there is no limit to what you can do, you have to do it wisely. I cannot control anybody’s fantasy or teach them how to fantasise, but whatever fantasy you’re having with your partner should be between just both of you; do not bring it to the general public, don’t come and disturb us with it. When you bring it out there you would get different opinions, either good or bad.”

“Let’s analyse this, you’re having sx with someone and the person held his phone, that should tell you that something was going on, he should be holding onto something or holding onto you or touching something, but he held his phone and you were busy moaning and enjoying the moment. He was busy videoing you up to your face, showing everything that represents her as a woman. To even add salt to injury, she did what she did without a c*ndom, what message is she passing to society? Apart from that, the sx tape of people that I have seen is always well organised, you see them in a proper arrangement on a well-made bed, lost in the mood with rose flowers or bottles of wine in the room. For a woman of that magnitude, status, level, age, and exposure, you can imagine how bitter this whole thing is; it’s so disgusting and disrespectful to her.”

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