“Women will character assassinate you and play the victim” – Do2dtun reacts to Emeka Ike’s interview

Media personality, Oladotun Kayode, better known as Do2dtun, has reacted to actor, Emeka Ike‘s interview about his marriage crash.

Earlier today, Gistreel reported on how Emeka Ike’s marriage crashed and how his ex-wife made him lose all his properties.


During an interview on Channel Television, Emeka Ike disclosed how his ex-wife accused him falsely of assaulting her making him lose access to his children.

He narrated how he came back from the US and discovered that the multi-million school he built was closed down by his ex-wife and how he lost all his properties after his ex-wife sold them.

Reacting to this, Do2dtun expressed how much the society hates men and how women character assassinates a man while also playing victim.

Emeka Ike
Veteran actor, Emeka Ike

Citing himself, he added that whatever a woman says is easily believable and many people fall for it, which is really sad.

In his words: “Many pple fall for it. This is the exact case with my estranged wife. They will character assassinate you, misrepresent you, play the victim & lie so much & bleed over their own lies. The society hates men. As long as a woman comes & says anything, no one verifies & it’s sad.”


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