Woman shocked as she finds housekeeper soaking her feet in cooking bowl

Woman causes pandemonium on the internet as she shares a video of her housekeeper putting her feet into the cooking bowl their family uses.

The woman of the house could be heard from the video, visibly enraged as she accused the housekeeper of using witchcraft.

The housekeeper claimed her legs were itching her badly which was why she put it into the bowl of water and she had no ulterior motives.

“You are a witch” — Woman finds housekeeper soaking her feet in cooking bowl

However, the woman refused to believe her explanation, claiming she was sent by people to destroy her family.

See some reactions to the woman’s video below

flyest_mz said: “Look at the names the so called madam is also calling her.. Please stop using kids as housemaids esp if you can’t treat them as your own children”

mrz_ty stated: “my question is if it was your daughter will you call her a witch. upbringing differs it could have meant nothing to her but irritated you. just correct in love. I can not tolerate people no matter how stressed I am with chores and family I will never get a help. I just do daily payment on Saturday only”

nawtikid reacted: “Esther wan do pedicure with plates 😂😂😂😂😂”

duchess_dynasty_apparels opined: “Assignment so that anything she says will stand in that house. Just send her away God has saved you.”

originalgbanjodeals claimed: “Her excuse is even more annoying. Which one is your leg was scratching you. How does the bowl solve the scratch? Very wicked people”

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