Woman shares her daughter’s WAEC result after switching from Art to Science class, stuns many

A Nigerian mother, Benita Ezinne Ibeh, has shared an impressive West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) result of her daughter, Chisom after switching her from an Art to a Science class.

Benita Ezinne Ibeh took to social media to celebrate Chisom’s academic achievement, shedding light on how her guidance and support led to a significant turning point.

Woman shares her daughter's WAEC result after switching from Art to Science class
A photo of the young girl WASSCE result.

Chisom, initially enrolled in an Art class, underwent a shift to the Science class under the guidance of her mother.

Despite initial concerns from friends, the mother, Benita recognized Chisom’s aptitude for science subjects and began a thoughtful discussion with her about the benefits of pursuing a career in nursing.

The decision to switch to the Science class was not without its skeptics. Some close friends and commenters on social media questioned the move, suggesting that Chisom should be allowed to follow her own aspirations.

However, Benita’s keen observation of Chisom’s academic strengths and interests led her to believe that a change in direction was in her daughter’s best interest.

The outcome of this thoughtful and strategic decision is nothing short of astounding. Benita proudly shared her daughter’s impressive WASSCE result.

In her words;

So last year, I posted how I made Chisom switch from Art class to science class and still stepped her down (repeat a class) cos I noticed she was far better with science subjects.

“After the post, some close friends reached out to me even in the comment section some said I shouldn’t have done that as she’s entitled to what she Wants to be.

“Remember I told y’all she’s good at caring for babies and others, even her school confirmed it, and for this reason discussed it with her and made her see reasons why she should study nursing.

“As someone who’s very good with English and literature I noticed she won’t prevail if she continued with art subjects as she always got a C or D in literature and English, but smashed maths and other science subjects.

“So after ss1, I asked that she repeat ss1 and move to science class which the school did willingly. Long story short! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you my madam’s WAEC result. I’m so excited.

“The essence of this post is no other reason than to let y’all know you can guide a child choose a course and not impose it on them. If I had someone who guided me, should be a lawyer today but my dad said he would never pay my school fees to study law. I’m glad we are changing the narratives. To God be the glory.”

Netizens Reactions..

Ify Chukwuemeka reacted: “Congratulations.”

Samuel Uche Dominica said: “Congratulations dear I’m happy for your girl.”

lieawele Chimamaka said: “Congratulations, Chisom. You are a great mom, Coach B. You did what any good mother would do.”

Amaka Onyekonwu Obika said: “Congratulations.”

Chetam Chinonso commented: “Congratulations dear Chisom,”

Monique Chika reacted; “Congratulations to her.”

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