Woman shares coins she saved for 6 months in her handbag

A homeless Kenyan woman has won the respect of social media users after showing off the coins she saved for her 6 months in her handbag.

A displaced but undaunted Kenyan woman has become an online phenomenon after sharing the results of her 6 month savings challenge, in a compelling demonstration of financial discipline.

The remarkable journey began on TikTok, where the user @lenniimwangi showed her determination to amass fortune uncommonly.

In a video, the TikToker triumphantly displayed coins worth KSh 20, KSh 10, and KSh 5 that she had painstakingly collected over the previous half-year.

Woman shares coins she saved for 6 months in her handbag
Lady saves coins in her handbag. source: Tiktok

The pennies were kept in a handbag that had turned into a makeshift treasure chest, symbolizing her commitment to the savings goal.

She captioned her post, “Six months saving challenge 2023,” she captioned the video, which resonated with viewers who were quick to commend her on social media for her perseverance and financial responsibility”.

Watch the video below..


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