Woman refuses to hold new born baby after painful labour – Video

A new mother has refused to take her newborn baby from the nurse to carry after experiencing a painful labor.

The joy of every mother is holding their child in their arms immediately after birth but it seems the case with the young lady. She was seen in the video giving a hand gesture to the nurse to take the baby away.

The nurse who was holding the baby tried to give the woman’s baby to her for the second time but she waved her hands back; an indication that she was too tired to hold the baby.

Read some reactions below…

@salveekee, If you haven’t given birth or don’t have an idea of what’s wrong with the lady, don’t type trash”.

@cerenza675“She is suffering from postpartum depression, this is the part of motherhood that people don’t see often! It’s not always joy for all new mums… God bless all mothers 🙌❤️.

@beckyfundz1No Amount of pain would made me give my own baby that I carried for 9 good months such look 😢 at least a little smile is okay not the way she reacted. Nothing una fit tell me abeg . Which kind strong face be that”.

@apeke_xo, “God bless Me and the beautiful woman❤️ reading this”.

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